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Uncovering The Important Details When You Are Buying Or Selling A Farm

Farm land is regulated differently under real estate laws than a standard residence or business. Because of this, there are different things that need to be investigated before you purchase or sell a farm to be in compliance with the law and with agreements made prior to your ownership. These can include:

  • Being able to record the deed based on the county’s current laws
  • Determining the best way to sell the land
  • Doing a title search to discover any restrictions on the title and their requirements
  • Covenants, easements or leases on the property

Because of the complexity of agricultural law, you need to have the assistance of a competent attorney while you are going through the sale or purchase process.

My name is Barry Hines, and I have been representing farmers and their families here in Illinois for the last 40 years. I have helped many people purchase or sell their farms, and I know what to look for in order to prevent any hold up of the sale. I can write your contract, ensure that your deed can be recorded and work with you to make sure that everything is in compliance before the sale, on either side of the transaction.

For more information about my services as a Springfield attorney assisting with the buying and selling of farms, please call me at 217-953-4051 or contact me online.

Central Illinois Farm Title Lawyer

I will work with you to help you understand what agreements burden your title and how best to advertise your land so that prospective buyers understand what they are taking on while still making your land appealing. I can also help you determine whether it is more advantageous to break your land into parcels or sell it as a whole.

If you are interested in buying a farm, I will review the title and the contract for you, consult with appraisers and help you determine if this is a good purchase.

I offer exceptional representation and excellent service based on mutual respect and honesty. I will always be upfront with you and give you all of your options and their possible outcomes. My goal is your success in purchasing or selling your farm.

Contact me, Barry Hines, at 217-953-4051 to schedule an appointment.