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For years, the typical farm lease here in Illinois was a share lease where the landowner took a share of the crop and the tenant took the other share. Each sold his or her share at harvest and it was generally a good arrangement. Over the last 20 years, this has evolved in favor of a cash lease with a few different iterations:

  • A standard lump sum paid in two installments of half in the spring and half in the fall, or even all up front
  • A variable lease where the rent is tied to the yield and market price
  • A share lease where the landowner pays part of the operating costs and takes a crop share plus a cash rent as well
  • A production lease where the landowner pays no operating costs and takes a portion of the crop as rent

The majority of these leases have been oral, meaning nothing was ever written down and signed between the landowner and tenant. While this arrangement might seem more friendly, it is to everyone’s advantage to have a lease in writing so that if there is a dispute, you can both reference the agreement to see who is correct.

My name is Barry Hines, and I have been helping farm owners and tenants with their legal needs for the last 40 years. I can work with you to create a lease that is suited to your unique situation. For instance, I use the University of Illinois’ flexible lease formulas or my formulas to craft custom leases that everyone will benefit from. I know the problems that landowners and tenants come up against, and I know how to find solutions for each side.

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I represent landowners and tenants alike for lease arrangements. I work in your best interests to make sure you are getting a good deal from your lease and that it will stand up in court if there is ever an issue of litigation. I will be by your side if this situation ever arises, protecting your rights and investment.

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