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Helping You Get The Most Out Of A Voluntary Or Involuntary Partition

When you are a co-tenant in a farm, you may find yourself faced with needing to partition your land because of conflict with your fellow tenant. Whether you are proceeding with a voluntary partition or an involuntary partition, I will work to protect your interests and see that you get a fair deal.

My name is Barry Hines, Attorney at Law, and I have been serving farmers and their families here in Illinois for the last 40 years. I have extensive experience in farm litigation, including experience in handling voluntary partitions in-kind and involuntary partitions by sale. I work hard, advocating for you to help you get the division or sale if the property cannot be divided

I will represent your best interests, looking for all possible solutions to the problem. If your joint tenant is willing to negotiate, I will work to get you the best possible settlement. If your case ends up in court, I will fight for you aggressively to prove your side of the story. I understand the problems farmers are facing, and I know how to solve them.

For more information about my services as a Springfield farm partition attorney, please call me at 217-953-4051 or contact me online.

Central Illinois Partition Lawyer

When you are engaged in a partition fight, you need a dedicated advocate on your side to prevent severe losses in your investment. Many family farms end up in this situation, whether it is because of an argument over the best way to manage the business or because a family member wants out of the business. I have found many good solutions for my clients in the past; I will do the same for you.

I have always based my practice on relationships of mutual trust and honesty. I will give you sound counsel and let you know all of your options. I will evaluate your situation and your property to see what restrictions may exist and to position you to fight for the partition or settlement you want. I offer exceptional representation and excellent service to all of my clients.

Contact me, Barry Hines, at 217-953-4051 to schedule an appointment.