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Helping You Navigate Easement And Boundary Issues

As a farm owner, your property is central to your livelihood. When an issue arises with neighboring land, whether due to a boundary dispute or an easement issue, it is important that you protect your best interests. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can better position yourself to continue getting the most out of your property.

I am attorney Barry Hines, and I routinely assist farm owners in downstate Illinois with their legal needs. I have more than 40 years of experience, and I work tirelessly to aid my clients in seeking fair and beneficial legal solutions.

Boundary Disputes Can Become Complicated

If you and neighboring farm owner are in a disagreement over a property boundary, the issue can quickly become contentious. As one is rarely inclined to surrender property that they believe is rightfully theirs, the assistance of a lawyer is often a must in these situations. I can help you by:

  • Seeking out a property survey
  • Reaching an alternative agreement on property lines
  • Filing a quiet title lawsuit
  • Obtaining an adverse possession claim or defending against one

While a boundary dispute can be a hassle, there are often available solutions that can serve your interests. By consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer such as myself, you can better understand your legal options.

Seeking An Easement To Aid In Your Production

If you and an adjacent land owner share a practical infrastructure need, an easement can be a helpful tool. Perhaps you need to share a road or install a drain tile line or utility line that crosses your neighbor’s property – an easement can provide you with a viable legal pathway for accomplishing this. I can help you explore your options for a potential easement that may make sense for both parties. If a utility claims seeks to cross your farm with a pipeline or electric transmission, I can assure that you receive fair compensation for the land taken and for damages to your remaining farmland.

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